Frequently asked questions


How do I download QFIXX Customer App?

You can find the QFIXX Customer App in the Apple & Google Play Store.

Do I have to pay for QFIXX Customer App?

Nothing. Download it today. It's 100% free.

How can I book QFIXX?

It is very simple, Open the App and enter your destination, view service providers near you and their rates. Chat or contact them first if you wish. Or book straight from the App.

Can locate nearby service providers with the App?

Yes. QFIXX App shows you service provider’s location on the map and even suggests the nearest arrival time for service providers.

Can I find recovery van on the App if I breakdown?

Yes. QFIXX App will shows you the nearest recovery provider’s location on the map and his contact details. It would even suggest the arrival time.

Can I use the App to find other business?

Yes. You can use Qfixx to find Household services, Automobile services, Building Services, Health and beauty, mechanics, laundry hair saloon and even massage studios and operators near you. QFIXX App shows you service provider’s location on the map and even suggests the nearest arrival time for service providers.

What if I don’t have QFIXX App?

You can still request for service online or over the phone- 0208 903 6520 and service provider will be allocated to contact you directly.

Are all service providers vetted?

Yes, we make sure they are vetted before they can be listed on QFIXX platform.

What kind of service providers information do keep?

Before a service provider can be listed on the QFIXX platform, we require a proof of ID, proof of address to show that he can be traced to address in case of any issues, proof of national insurance number to make sure he is eligible to work in the UK. Other documents are a proof of DBS/CRB check and Insurance Certificates or other trade certificates depending on their type of business. We are very strict on service provider’s recruitment to our platform. All our activities are highly regulated by our team of inspection officers; therefore, we take Government regulations very seriously.

Can I pay by cash or card?

Yes, our service providers accept cash payment for services. You can also pay by card through the App

Who is responsible if the service provider damages my item?

The service provider will be directly responsible for that. We don’t contract them to offer services nor do we employ them. However, any negotiation between you and the service provider is entirely limited to your agreement with them

Can I dispute a service if it is unsatisfactory?

Yes, you can. The QFIXX App has the feature you can use to establish a dispute against the service provider. It is very transparent can help you resolve any issues with the service provider faster.

Can I rate a service provider?

Yes, you can rate and review a service provider for others to know how good that provider is. The service provider will be directly responsible for that.

Are service providers COVID 19 compliant

Yes. All service providers must wear masks at all times. Please report any service providers not following guidelines.

How can I get help & support?

Yes, you can use your App to communicate with our support team if you have any technical issues

Who is QFIXX?

QFIXX is the World’s leading On-demand multi services App technology that allows you find top rated tradespeople and businesses near you on the map. Communicate directly with them on App and track their arrival to fix your problems within minutes.

What is the difference between On-Demand Services and Trades/Business

On-Demand means that the service will be offered from the customer location while Trades/ Business means that services will be provided at providers location or online sites.


What services are available on QFIXX Suppliers Platform?

It ranges from all types of trades and business in the categories of Household services, Building, Automobiles, Health & Beauty, Education + 1000s of others. Download the App to unlock the immense opportunities

Does QFIXX Supplier App have Online and Offline mode?

Yes, Suppliers can switch online mode whenever they wish to become available for work and then use the offline mode when they are busy.

What is my App Password?

Your Password is your secret login pins that allows you access some areas of your App including logging to your App

How can I get the Codes?

Your App will require you to create one during registration. These codes can be changed by the users whenever he or she wishes.

Can I receive jobs on App without full registration?

No, Your App will have full activation to receive jobs. We require your valid documents to register you before activation.

Can I view my job history?

Yes, but you need to be activated first and must have done a job to view the history.

Can I view my payment transaction history?

Yes, you can view your transaction history if there has been any valid payment or charges on your App.

Is the App downloadable from all stores?

Yes, you can download the QFIXX Suppliers App from Play Stores and App Stores.

Can I share QFIXX on my Facebook?

Yes. Go to profile and select share my services and the option will be prompted with all social media you can share your service link. Anyone who clicks on that will be directed straight to your QFIXX Service profile once they download QFIXX

Who can join QFIXX Suppliers Platform?

Only UK Resident tradespeople and business with National Insurance Numbers are eligible to join QFIXX Suppliers platform in the United Kingdom. Suppliers are required to have valid registration licences including proof of Id and proof of address documents

How long does it take to start off on QFIXX Platform?

Suppliers can join immediately after their registration is approved. Download App, register and upload the necessary documents. This can take few hours to achieve.

How can I register to join?

To register, just download App from App store or play store and then sign up.

What documents are required to register?

You are required to provide a minimum of your personal ID Documents. Your driving licence or International Passport, A proof Address in form of House Bills. Water Electricity, Phones Etc and Copy of you National Insurance Number. Some trade services may require your Certificate and insurance documents

Do I have to attend an interview?

No, but you can chat with live support to guide you if you have problems with getting around the App.

What types of subscription are available on App?

There are 3 levels subscription of subscription namely the Monthly, quarterly and yearly. Currently a 30% discount is given for first time suppliers when they sign up.

How much do subscriptions cost?

Subscription ranges from £39.99 to £89.99 depending on the service you are supplying. You can check on the QFIXX Subscription rate card.

Can I upgrade my subscription class anytime?

Yes you can choose different subscription class anytime but you would lose the payment on the previous subscription.

Can I cancel my subscription anytime?

Yes, but you won’t get refund for the remaining period of the previously subscribed period.

Will I get refund if I subscribe and didn’t get leads for that period of subscription?

Yes, you will be refunded. We will be offering you a subscription roll-over for the next period. but you won’t get cash refund.

What types of Services are available on this App?

What types of Services are available on this App?

What is an average job earning value?

It all depends on the service you intend offering. Different services attract different leads daily/monthly.

Can I get jobs and leads if am Offline?

Yes, the customers will always find you on the app even when you are offline. They may place an enquiry, a service request or a Chat request. You will get all notification once you become online.

Can I reject a job anytime?

Yes you can but system may consider you as unserious Supplier after several rejections. This can be registered against you and may start considering you as last option Suppliers.

Can I cancel jobs after accepting it?

Yes you can cancel but may attract a penalty depending on reason and time of cancellation.

What if there is No Show?

Remember it is your duty to communicate with your customers properly before accepting a lead. Just use the No Show button to notify the call centre. An immediate investigation will be carried out there and then.

What if customer refuses to pay?

We would follow it up legally on your behalf for a cost wherever necessary to endeavour collecting the money from customer. You would get paid only if our legal team manage to retrieve payment from the customer. This may take some time to conclude.

Can I report need for emergency help?

Yes, your App has a button to report when you are in an emergency

Can I contact customers directly from my App?

Of course, Your App is connected to have conversation directly with your customers.

Can I use the App Road Navigation for jobs?

Yes. Once you click on route, you can navigate to customers address.

Can I leave a review on QFIXX against the customer?

Yes. After an appointment is completed, Both Customers and Suppliers are requested on their Apps to leave a review right in their QFIXX app.

Can I use the App to invoice the customers?

Yes. After an appointment is completed, Both Customers and Suppliers are requested on their Apps to leave a review right in their QFIXX app.

Can Customers pay by Card or Cash?

Yes indeed. You can accept cash or card payment. You already have an open communication channel in you App to interact directly with your customer on how they wish to pay.

When do I get paid if the customers pay by card?

QFIXX will receive the money on your behalf and would take 7 working day to hit your bank account after job completion confirmation from customers

What if my app is out of network coverage area?

Sorry we can’t help that much as the App is designed base on accessing information with network availability.

What if my App Crashes?

Please restart your App or your phone. If it continues you can chat to us on for support.

How do I report issue with my App?

Report on website chat or email

Can I login using a friends App.

Yes, you can login on any App once you enter your phone number and password

How do I change my QFIXX password?

Go to your profile and Select change password. You will be asked to enter the previous password then the new one.

Am I on employment contract with you?

No. You are totally self-employed and very much responsible for your tax returns. We can recommend and accountant if you don’t have one.

Do you require my National Insurance Number?

Yes, we do just for the purpose of validity to confirm you are eligible to work in the UK.

Does QFIXX report your earnings to Inland Revenue?

If in a given calendar year you process (i) more than £50,000 in gross amount of payments and (ii) more than 200 payments, QFIXX will be required by law to report information about you and your use of the Payment Services to the Internal Revenue Service (“IRS”)